MuzedeChanga, Istanbul

Muzedechanga won Wallpaper* magazine's prestigious award as the best new restaurant back in 07', and I would be lying if I told you it's not the reason I was so eager to dine there! Situated above a museum adorned by stunning marble slabs, this contemporary Turkish restaurant designed by award winning Autoban Design offered more than just good food; the atmosphere was also spot on. We chose to sit outside, even though the weather wasn't exactly as friendly, but the view of the Bosphorus compensated quite a lot for the shakes and shudders, and the staff were kind enough to provide us with pashmina scarves. The interiors mostly consisted of natural oak, characterized by sinuous shapes and geometric patterns that produced that 60's aura. I was fairly impressed by the impact it gave, given the simplicity of the design. Well done Autoban!

[Image via enRoute Magazine]

Image via Elite Traveler

[All images taken by me -unless stated otherwise- via Samsung Camera]