DIY: Faux Marble Top

Who doesn't love a good DIY project? I recently bought a mustard yellow desk for my home office and as much as I'm a huge fan of the color yellow, this wasn't exactly the theme I was going for, and that finally gave me an opportunity to use the marble contact paper I had recently purchased. YAY.

The entire process is fairly easy, you just require a lot of patience. Although before I get into it, I want to clarify that the measurements of this particular contact paper didn't quite cover the entire top, however, I'm still happy with the end result because the desk has a little bit of character now! 

  1. Marble Contact Paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Flexible Smoothing Tool


  • First and foremost you need to start by polishing the surface of your table/top to avoid a bumpy journey. 
  • Measure the surface of your material using the grid at the back of the contact paper.
  • Cut the paper accordingly.
  • Place the paper on to the surface with the marble print facing upwards, and peel a tiny bit of the paper and place it on the edge of the surface. (Tip: if you can get someone else to help with you with this, then do so, because once it sticks, it can get a little bit tricky!)
  • Slowly peel, while smoothing the paper down by using the flexible smoothing tool and keep moving forward slowly until you reach the finish line.

If you're interested in creating a similar look, you can simply hover over the items listed above and the link will take you directly to the product. As for my home office; I'm still working on it, therefore will reveal the final look much later. In the meantime, here are some pictures on how I created my 'not so fully' faux marble top!

[Images via Samsung Phone]

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