How To: Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

If you're struggling on how to make your bathroom look bigger than it actually is, you've come to the right place, as I'll be sharing 5 tips on how you can come to grips with the problem without having to sacrifice the necessities:

Image via Architectural Digest

  • Use Large Tiles: I cannot stress on this point any further. Not only will it make your bathroom look spacious, but it also helps a tremendous amount with the cleaning.

Image via Tile Space

  • Take The Large Tiles Up To The Wall: Doing so will play a role on how one views the bathroom, the larger the tile, the grander the bathroom looks.

Image via Feed Inspiration

  • Go Nuetral: It's essential to pick softer tones when working with a small space, as using dramatic colors can cause the space to look rather confined. Going with different shades of white, beige or even a pale grey are great options for an enhanced look. 

Image via Bloglovin'

  • Clear Glass: If you only have room for a shower/bathtub then you simply can't go wrong with using clear glass as a barrier. It may be a little on the pricey side, but it's easy on the eyes and will make your bathroom look a lot more extensive then using a block-wall or (dare I say it) a shower curtain!

Image via The Zhush

  • Mirror Mirror On The Wall: I generally love mirrors, and will place them anywhere I see fit. So if you want that extra airy and spacious look then the trick is to have a large mirror on the wall, as it gives you the illusion of depth, no matter how small the area is.

Image via UltraLinx