UAE Interiors Exhibition May 2011

I recently attended the interiors exhibition that was held in Abu Dhabi last week and it turned out to be highly beneficial as I was introduced to many innovative designs. For the most part the exhibition consisted of international companies, some of which had an objective of finding a representative in the Middle East (mainly in the UAE) that they took this opportunity to expose their products to the locals, also used it to gain an idea on how the local react to new and different forms of design.
I also had the privilege of talking directly to some of the designers that I particularly liked, I find myself a lot more drawn into the artwork when the master behind the creation takes you through the journey of how and why it was produced.
I personally was in awe of all the bespoke pieces that were beautifully and carefully hand-made. 
I've attached my favorites:

Luke Irwin Rug
Sharon Marston Fibre Optics Lighting (Bespoke, Hand-made)
Sharon Marston (Bespoke-Handmade) It's amazing how you can customize your own 
Hand-made Oak Cocoon Lighting (Represents Sustainability)
Bespoke Lighting (Represents Sustainability)