Kurkum Restaurant, Mattrah, Oman

This fancy Indian cuisine is located just by Souq Mattrah and the corniche. Frankly, I was quite surprised when I walked in as I never expected to see something so chic and contemporary in a busy area. We were greeted by friendly staff and picked the perfect spot for our lunch meal. The main attraction for me would have to be that the entire space was virtually white with colored abstract paintings hung on the wall by Sri Lankan artist Roshini, as well as the beautiful sculptures by Marco Polo (The art displayed is changed every now and then).
The menu looked delectable, that it didn't stop us from eating two hours before our regular lunch break (11am to be specific) we enjoyed every second of our meal and were definitely full afterwards! I recommend that everyone gives it a shot. I would also suggest going during the day, as the natural sunlight through the windows maximizes the space and offers more of a serenity feel.

Seating Outdoors


Painting by Sri Lankan artist Roshini

The perfect spot

Scuplture by Marco Polo

Cute centerpiece for the tables

Complimentaries Dahi Batata Poori (Coriander Chutney, Chickpeas, Yogurt, Potatoes and Tomatoes)

Mango, Coconut and Chickpeas Salad

Butter Chicken Curry with Rice

The mini hoover that startled me while I was busy bbming 
Toothpicks in an adorable container

Last but not least, Omani coffee :) couldn't think of a better way to end our meal!

And that was my experience.

[Images via my Blackberry Cam]