Great Find: Graphic Designer, Mashal Irfan

I recently discovered that I'm working with an exceedingly talented graphic designer! Mashal Irfan is a fresh Graphic Design graduate who's currently working in the same Interior Architecture company as I am and of course, me being utterly nosy, I asked to see some of her work, which I'm glad I did because I was amazed at how imaginative her designs were.
I think what makes it more intriguing (for me) is the fact that I personally know someone who's proficient with such individuality. There's nothing better than associating yourself with visionary people, who like to think outside the box and take art to another level.

I've attached my favorites and asked her to explain in writing, her inspiration behind each poster. 


"The cavayo logo is for an actual consultancy company. The owner carries out workshops in Dubai, Pakistan, and UK. He is a huge fan of horses and trains them as well. Hence, it is no surprise that Cavayo is actually spanish for "horse".

 I wanted to keep the horse very modern, simple and iconic. It works alone as a pictogram and with the typogram as a complete logo as well. I created the font for Cavayo as well. It isnt an available font. Again, I kept the whole feel classy, modern and clean for this is a young company thats started to flourish! "

Bobby Pins- Cache

"This was an assignment in which we were supposed to pick an absolutely mundane object, come up with a U.S.P. (unique selling point) for it and then create a campaign about it. The word I chose for the bobby pins, "Cache" literally means "A store of goods or valuables concealed in a hiding place". I thought it would be a slightly mysterious yet relevant term for the bobby pins, since they do clip all your hair back, all the while camoflauged in the hair. 
After that, I exaggerated the concept, by using a chameleon in one ad to represent camoflauge etc. Simplicity and effectiveness worked well together in this case."


"Otsuka is one of my works from 6th semester (3rd year) Illustration minor. The main point of this assignment was to build a rich character and tell a story in one peice. A lot of research went into the costume, accessories, hairstyles etc of this particular Geisha. We were encouraged to write extensive backgrounds about our characters to strengthen the concept. In a ntushell, Otsuka was brutally orphaned as a child and was now cursed to take a man back to her den every night and kill him mercilesly, almost like a ritual till the end of time.."

"Sad Man"
Last but no least! Ain't she a crackerjack?! LOL