We ask, she {Kathryn Wilson} answers.

As always, we are constantly being exposed to gifted artists from all over the world, and it is only fair to unveil the greatest ones to our readers. This month's artist {Kathryn Wilson} genuinely caught our attention due to the true meaning behind her beautiful work of art; her fascination with water and appreciation for it is conveyed in paint, particularly using different shades of blue that emanate movement and high spirits. Scroll down below for answers to our 5 questions.

1- Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Originally from the Lake District UK, I spent my childhood growing up in Dubai. In 1998 I returned to the Lake District to continue my studies before completing a degree in Fine Art at Oxford University. In 2005 I moved to South East Asia to travel and work for a couple of years. I began painting with oils during this time, eventually returning to work and live in Dubai in 2008. In 2016 I had a solo exhibition with FN Designs Gallery in Alserkal Avenue, Dubai. I am interested in Art for positive change and continue to explore ways of advocating this through my work.

2- Where does your inspiration come from?

I am fascinated with the force and beauty of water in motion. The ultimate traveller, water plays a vital role in everyday life. It wanders the globe and without it we would not survive. Trips along the coastline of the UAE & Oman inspire me, as does exploring wadis that are so beautifully sculpted by water. Water gives life but it also has the potential to take it away. My family were once caught in a flash wadi flood whilst camping, they had to climb out of the area and return a few days later to rescue their car and belongings. Respect for nature and a love for the outdoors are essentially the driving force behind my work. Photography is a useful tool but experience & imagination more so.

3- Is there a specific reason as to why your paintings are circular shaped?

I began experimenting with a circular format 3 years ago. Something about the shape & subject matter seemed to work well and it drew me in to developing an on-going series in this style. This lead to my first solo exhibition in Dubai titled 'Saturate', which was a play on light, colour and water. Clean lines and translucent layers of colour inspire me to explore the concept more and more. I like not knowing where I am going with the work, each painting presents fresh challenges and a new way of considering the subject.

4- How would you like the audience to view your work. If there's a particular message you would like to convert, what is it?

I would like my work to provoke thought, stimulate discussion and promote the need to stop and reflect on life. There is a sincere message presented to the viewer but together with that I hope the paintings will encourage an overall feeling of calm and contemplation. I began creating the work with a personal need for balance, when this translates to others and they let me know how it positively influences their own sense of well being, I know I have succeeded

5- Name 3 artists that stimulate you.

I am particularly drawn towards artists who depict water and the ocean. JMW Turner painted over a thousand seascapes, he was a pioneer of abstract art and what is the sea but a perfect abstraction of motion, colour and light.

Anish Kapoor's sculptural work is beautiful, his work 'Descension' explores the potential for water to behave in surprising ways. I would really like to see this piece in person in the near future. 

With a love for nature it will come as no surprise that I am interested in the land art of the environmentalist Andy Goldsworthy. His site specific sculptures in the lake district are well worth a visit.

[Images via Kathryn Wilson]