We ask, she {Cecilia} answers

n dot interiors is excited to shed light on inventive carpet designer Cecilia Setterdahl, who has major enthusiasm for shape, form and color. She starts off by translating her ideas onto a blank canvas; and eventually turns the work of art into a carpet. The constant use of bold colors and different shapes are admirable as they work so perfectly well together, making each and every piece exclusive in its own way. If you want to inject a little bit of life into your space CCC is definitely the place to go! Find out the answers to our 5 questions below.

1- Tell us a little bit about yourself.

"Born in Sweden 1954, took several art classes, graduated from Luleå Technical University. Lived in Stockholm 1984-1988 and studied at Stockholm Konstskola. Moved to Switzerland and stayed there for 28 years. During this time studied at various art schools and had a painters studio with four others for 15 years. Several exhibitions, New York, London, Paris, Brussels, Ronneby, Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchatel. In Dubai since 2015."

2- How did it all start? When did you realise what your true calling was?

"It started with my love for painting. In 2013 came across a friend in Mumbai who was in the carpet business. I ordered two hand-knotted carpets from two of my paintings so we could have some bespoke carpets in our house. From there it started in Switzerland and now fully moved to Dubai and the Dubai Design District since Jan 2016."

3- Describe your creative process and way of thinking. Where do you get your inspiration from?

"I make sketches of forms and then work to add colour.  These change throughout the process, before I start to paint, there may be 20 sketches of development. My goal is to always end up with something that is comfortable for the eyes and at the same time contain some surprise."

4- I admire the constant use of bold colors in your work. Do you see yourself ever having a collection of neutrals?

"To make a ‘ neutral’  interesting I would need to have lots of different texture(s). Thank you for your comment on my bold colours.   Neutrals for me is often an impersonal statement.  However, I have designed a collection of carpets for sale in the UK that are a bit toned down. "

5- Lastly, would you be interested in collaborating with other designers? If so, is there anyone in specific?

 "Collaboration is interesting, involving new inspiration. I would love to design jewellery in semi-precious stones. Recently an interior designer came to our showroom needing some new designs for a carpet.  It was a rush job and I came up with 5 different designs and one was picked.  We went from coloured sketch to ordered carpet in two days. That was fun."