How To: Create The Perfect Breakfast Nook

When designing a house, it's imperative to bring into play each and every corner of the space, especially when you don't have that much to work with. That being said, I would like to focus on the dining area; and how creating a breakfast nook can be the perfect solution for those that don't have sufficient space for a proper dining seating arrangement. For those that aren't aware; a breakfast nook is a cute little recess area or niche that's generally custom built to be big enough for casual dining, whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner. And not only that, but it can also be used as a work station during the day! I would definitely love to have one in my dream future home just by the kitchen- for more of a homey and inviting look.

Below you will find 6 gorgeous ways you can turn your pigeon hole into a comfortable nook.

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