Wise Words

I've recently come across a lot of articles that focus attention on how crucial it is to put the goals you set yourselves down on paper, and as much as I agree with that, I find that it's not necessarily the greatest method for most people; as they simply don't follow through. I would know, because sadly, I'm one of those people...And then I came across posts on creating a vision board; where you gather imagery from different magazines that illustrate what it is that you want and where you would like to see yourself in the future. And that, I was able to relate to the most, because visuals are a lot more powerful and can stimulate your mind in more ways than words can. Think about it for a second.

With all that being said, as I was looking for imagery to include onto my board (that is solely for career purposes), I realised I would rather pick one image that speaks volumes and include all the motivational quotes I choose to live by, and I don't think I could have picked a better image; because this one in particular has been my favorite for the longest time. It has an extensive mix of style, at the same time- quite minimal in design. I translate the splash of paint on the mirror as a risk one should take in order to be successful, because, as you can see- you never really know how great the turnout could be.

The point is that you should really figure out what works for you best in order to take action on what you've set for yourself.

The Apartment by Tina Siedenfaden

[Image via Jelanie]