Deema Oman by 'n dot interiors'

n dot interiors completed Deema Oman's showroom featuring white textured panels and LED lighting as the main elements of the space; allowing positive energy and warmth run throughout each and every corner. Deema Oman is formerly known for their authentic Omani inspired jewellery, and have further expanded their brand into Chinaware and Fine Linen, therefore, the design concept was to form a space that translated into a luxurious apartment; where their opulent products are brought to view.

The main challenge was to compartmentalise the different categories accordingly, taking the customer through a journey from one area to the next. Below you will find images that depicts the principal strategy; starting off with the dining area that is adorned with their extravagant chinaware, slowly moving into the bedroom that showcases the fine linen and lavishly ending the experience in style, as the customer basks amidst their exceptional jewellery illustrated as a walk-in closet setting.

Deema Oman's logo executed in brass finish and used as door handles.

The unconventional opening that adds subtle interest to the space.

Detail shot of the custom floating bedside table.

Cool, clean and contemporary vibes, allowing the products to do all the talking.

[Photographs by MJ]