Ikea Hack: Console Table

Recently, I've been drawn into transforming affordable furniture into personalised pieces. And my very first experiment was with a laptop table that was purchased from IKEA not long ago. I initially wanted a custom console that would fit a certain area in our home, however, I eventually decided against it, mostly because the whole process was going to consume a lot of time, especially since I would have to sketch a design first! And as much as I would have loved to do that, I was running out of patience as that area was desperate to be occupied.

The first thing we did was put aside the glass top to avoid any scratches or damages. Unfortunately I don't have pictures of the paint process, however, you can either use

Rustoleum Gold Spray Paint

 or just regular car paint using a spray gun. I would advise spray painting the pieces before assembling them together for more of a tidier and finished look. You want to make sure you get every corner.

Top view detail shot.

[Images via Canon Camera]