For The Love Of Adler

Post By: Eman Rafay
“I think every creative person, and every craftsperson, should have a naysayer to rebel against.” Jonathan Adler

I’m not quite sure if any of you like me silently fantasize about your dream home, and have the burning desire to include a different and distinct theme running through each room. While I'm not sure what this one room will look like in my dream home, I sure do know how it will feel. This feeling can only be described as surrealism the 20th-century avant-garde movement. My desire for this one room is consumed by a inseparable marriage of dream and reality; defined by a lack of logic, theme and rules; where you need not justify colours, proportions and pattern! At the cost of sounding like a deranged bohemian, allow me to show you.

This one room for me can be best expressed through the repertoire of interior designer, author and foremost potter extraordinaire Mr Jonathan Adler, who’s aesthetics blend beauty and wit into his work of irreverent luxury. While Adler’s creative pursuits come from a rebellious streak to follow his heart. Despite the advice of his teacher who defined Adler’s work as ‘talentless’, he is able to perfectly draw upon his experiences to create a fantastically mismatched space that is truly liveable and often described as happy-chic. 

Here is a visual montage of his repertoire, enjoy:

A typical sculpture made by Jonathan Adler sold at his 40 stores worldwide.

His NY apartment dinning room that often transforms into an office. Light, bright and fun.

Adler’s two-floor showroom of hot, modern furnishings at reasonable prices. 

The Barbie Mansion is a 3,500 square foot house located in Malibu and it was designed to celebrate Barbie’s 50th birthday!