Al-Qurum Residential, Oman by 'n dot interiors'

I am so honored to have been given the opportunity to design the interiors of one of the most endearing people I have come across. It initially started with a large sitting room that only consisted of a three seat sofa and ended with a few rooms full of inventiveness enthused by my client’s sparkling energy.

I had architectural moldings made on the wall into frames and incorporated contemporary styled wallpaper to give it a little bit of life. I decided to reupholster the existing sofa using the same kind of fabric, however, chose a color that was more towards the graceful side, a metallic silver-pink, which helped produce the soft color palette for the entire space. I fused two attractively worn out blue ottomans on either side of the sofa and added a glass top; to function as both, side tables and extra seating. The four arm chairs included have been custom made locally and beautifully embraced by geometric patterned raw silk material along with silver leaf legs, and in between them, occupies the unique stainless steel tables with silky ice green fabric that was made to fill in the voids, also, adding that touch of extravagance. The bench seat was generated accordingly, and to finish, the exclusive main coffee table was carefully designed to unify all the pieces together.

This luxurious dining set originates from Crate and Barrel; it was so captivating that I knew it had to be purchased. I included the yellow lighting to add a difference and of course some fun!

For the bedroom, I wanted to produce an aura of sophistication. The mirrored wall against the walnut flooring expresses sheer luxury. I chose to incorporate neutral colors for the bedding and windows, which allowed the room to look maximized and fresh. And lastly, the bench seat at the head of the bed has to be my favorite piece; it was the result of wanting to include an intrepid yet chic item within the space.

All in all, this experience was a beautiful one.