Sparkles Beauty Salon and Spa, Al-Khuwair, Oman

To the regular female readers from Oman, if you have not been to 'Sparkles' yet, I suggest you go already! I am most certain you will once you have taken a look at the images below.
Located in Al-Khuwair, 'Sparkles' owned and designed by Ahlam Al-Sabahi is not your typical beauty salon, as it also consists of a cafe, a ladies one might I add, where the customers can relax and keep busy if they ever arrive earlier than their agreed appointment, it's something new and different and I simply love the idea.
The interiors of the hair salon are a mixture of vintage and art deco with a touch of contemporary, vibrant colors are used within the space to emanate a lively atmosphere, a classic feel is also given out with the use of timeless wallpaper in some areas of the salon. It is clear that the designer wanted something vivid and intense, I definitely think the color composition is quite brave. I also like the notion of displaying black and white abstract pictures of the classic Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, it most certainly adds to the theme of the space. Check it out.