California Roll House

This project portrays the perfect relationship between design and technology. Generated by Violent Volumes, the unconventionally shaped mobile California Roll House is made out of fibre-reinforced plastic and braced by carbon trusses. It is designed in a way where the heart of the roll acts as the interior space leading to an extension that provides a platform for the purpose of outdoor activities.
The amazing fact about this innovation is that the mobile house can be placed anywhere that offers just the desirable amount of natural light- that comes from the glazed wall, which can be modified to suit transparency.
"To maximize space, doors are automated using hydraulic power, and bedrooms are separated using either curtain dividers or bookshelves. In addition to being very interesting to look at, this home’s microclimate – controlled electronically – is actually very comfortable. During the heat of the day, the glass panels’ transparency can be manipulated to let in very little light, and later, when it’s cooler, daylighting can be extended. Modularized skylights permit even further light."

[Images via Violent Volumes]