How To: Style Your Coffee Table

Imagine walking into a house -- the living room immediately welcomes you with its fine ensemble of the carefully selected furniture and ornaments. Your eyes quickly become drawn to the centrepiece of the room. And what may that be? That’s right, the coffee table! Sitting boldly on its own in the midst of the heavenly abode, the coffee table strongly defines the character of a room. 

The way to style a coffee table relies on its form and the concept of an interior. While a round table can give off a more homely and pleasant vibe to a space, rectangular ones are seen as an edgier piece that gives off a sturdier feel. One thing for sure nonetheless; regardless of its form, you can never go wrong with being proportionate, or even a little bit off the center with the styling! The key is dimension and contrast. If you’re opting to create imaginary sections on the table, place a stack of magazines or books with varying heights topped with a hefty home accent (or some lovely personal objects) on each section. The trick to achieve dimension is never to go for similarity but an overall balanced look. For a more minimal look, keep the items off the center. A beautiful tray for instance, gathered with the very books and home accents can be accentuated with a delicate plant to portray a softer and fresher feel to the room. Emphasize the contrast by placing a rectangular tray on a round table or vice versa to keep the look interesting! 

The coffee table is every room’s focal point, so to speak. The selection of the decor items that come with it -- complemented by the right colors and materials -- are a part of the little things that can greatly adorn the interior look and its ambiance. “Little things matter.”, that couldn’t be more true!


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Nidhal Al-BrashdiComment