How To: Hang Drapery

One of the huge common mistakes that are made (by quite a lot of people) is being completely unaware of how to dress their windows the way they deserve to be dressed. And it's really not that hard. You just need to follow the general rules that I'm about to share with you; and you'll notice the difference a few small adjustments can make to the entire space. After all, we can't deny that it's the drapery that really makes a room feel complete!

I've put together a quick visual instruction on the very basic points on how NOT to hang drapery and will explain a little more in detail.
You don't have to fabricate drapery around the exact measurement of your windows, that's just a big no no. The following points are what you need to take into consideration to produce the ideal window treatment:

  1. Your curtain rod should be wider at least by 20cm on either side of the window. That also gives you the illusion of having bigger windows.
  2. Your curtain rod should be much closer to the ceiling than to the top of your window. Your room will eventually look tall, and that works amazingly well with the smaller spaces.
  3. The quantity of your fabric should be enough to generate the 'pleated' look. The last thing you would ever want is to look "penny-pinching" or ungenerous with your fabric. 
  4. The drapery should barely touch the floor. Now, this is normally a choice of preference; and my personal opinion is having it between too long and too short, which is also known as "The Float".
  5. Lastly, don't forget to pick a fabric that matches the theme of your room in terms of style, color and material. 

 I hope you find this post helpful. I'll be sharing various ways on how you can dress your windows in a different post.