Paul Smith:The New London Flagship Shop

Hello hello to the expansion of Paul Smith's store situated just on Staffaord Street in London Town. And an even bigger hello to the dynamic interior design that is an imppecable setting for the marque!
Firstly, let us appreciate the amount of yellow integrated, if you don't already know, I simply love that color; it adds outright liveliness and soul, especially when it's used as a backdrop for a mixed assortment of wall art. I'm also drawn to the consistency of the sculptures that surrounds the different sections of the store; it conserves a certain flow within the space, which is an essential point that a designer must not neglect.
Another feature that is more than worth mentioning is the creative dominos wall in the women's accessories section. How inventive can one get?
However, what I really did admire about the new shop is the unique exterior made out of cast iron panels that has been explicitly designed according to Smith's very own detailed drawings.
Take a look!


[Images via Paul Smith]