{Hexagon with a 'twist'} by 'n dot interiors'

Introducing to you my very first piece of my own furniture collection: Hexagon with a 'twist'. When I first decided to get into this, I had no idea what it was that I wanted, or what I was drawn to at the time, I just knew I wanted it to be different and most of all creative. After so many rough sketches, I then realized I wanted to incorporate something traditional into something fresh, I also noticed that I was repetetive with geometric shapes and patterns, especially hexagons, therefore I decided to concentrate on that particular shape and work on how to develop my designs further to produce something beautiful.
The Hexganon with a ' twist' can function both as a stool and a side table and can also be available in different colors! I have to admit that this is by far the best piece I have ever designed, I am so happy with it and received many good feedback which only motivates me to move on to the next one.

[Images taken via iPad 3]