Raz Spa, Oman by 'n dot interiors'

The demanding and traumatic summer work has finally paid off! I am now sharing with you the third commercial project that was designed and supervised by me. Raz Spa is situated on the lower ground of a current existing hair salon owned by the lovely Shaymaa Barwani, the space was once treated as a storage room filled with unwanted items and was very low spirited and gloomy so you can only imagine how challenging it must have been to transform it.
Because the space is located underground, where one wouldn’t think there would be much light or essence, the goal was to engender something that is different and unanticipated; I thought it was the perfect opportunity to play with the mind and create something lively in a tranquil and sophisticated fashion. I also wanted to introduce something new and fresh so I chose the colors white, a touch of silver and tiffany blue as the main theme, thankfully it wasn’t as hard to assure my client that it was best to move very far away from the distinctive spa-look of dark wood and neutral palettes.
I absolutely love the color tiffany blue and I made sure it was integrated in a relaxing manner by bringing it together with arabesque design and white LED lighting, together they all give emphasis to the modernity of the space. I also included wall panels made out of raw silk silver fabric, having them mounted on the wall horizontally added a soothing minimalistic touch.
In the end we achieved something that is not only visually pleasing but also atmospherically calming and uplifting. What do you think?

[Photography by Salim Al-Wardi]