'n dot interiors' at the China Furniture Expo 2012


So I just attended the furniture expo in Shanghai which was the 18th international exhibition in China and probably the most awe-inspiring experiences in my life so far. The city was absolutely invigorating and the people were warm-hearted and full of life!

Participating in the exhibition resulted in me feeling extra motivated and a lot more inspired to reach my goals, I am so glad as everything I came across made a strong and vivid impression that I cannot wait to convey through my own designs. I managed to meet some of the designers and have them talk me through their work which was great, however, the ones that were not present were the ones I desperately wanted to meet so that was pretty unfortunate.

All the pictures posted below are of those that I found most appealing. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have :)

[Images taken by me via iPad 3]