Boutique Muscat {REVAMPED} by 'n dot interiors'

A few weeks back I have been approached by Hazar and Hanadi Al- Zidjali who are the loveable stars behind Boutique Muscat, and because they have been MIA for about two months they wanted a little help with the interiors of their new location at Jawahart Al Shatti.
I was more than happy to be a part of this project, therefore I decided to give them a compelete transformation; something a lot more graceful and chic and most importantly something that represents their brand.

Because Boutique Muscat provides colorful clothing and accessories from all over the gulf, the color palette I proposed was a nuetral one, only to leave the products displayed to do most of the talking.
It was quite fun making the change as most of the furnishings within the space have been repurposed; there was a lot of reupholstery and spray painting involved!

I am particularly crazy about the one cushion I found whilst shopping for accessories, it was absolutely beautiful that I even had a 'moment' with it. Hazar had wanted to display a belt that she had designed and what better way than to wrap it around a cushion? It is more notiecable and a lot more appealing.
The one piece that has been favorited by the owners is the velvet panel board mounted on the wall, where they display their 'Outfit of the Week' which is pretty much the focal point of the boutique.

We all worked as a great team and thankfully for that the whole procedure became a success, especially within a very short timeline.

Design Seeds

Branding by Shaymaa Al-Kharusi

[All images taken by my iPad 3 and edited in Instagram]