Yogelato Oman by 'n dot interiors'

I am so glad to finally be back here and most importantly share with all of you my second project; a self- serve frozen yogurt and gelato store that goes by the name 'Yogelato' at the Muscat Grand Mall, one of our newest malls here in Oman.
One the best things about this project was the fact that my client was open to almost anything! Which is always good, as it only means that they have faith in what you are selling and are willing to take the risk.

The design concept was to generate something playful, modern and inviting. We wanted to target adults just as much as we did children, therefore I designed it in a way that it was more like a journey; where the customer walks into the shop from one end, grabs a cup from the cup station, picks a flavour from the self-serve frozen yogurt machines, adds their choice of toppings, weighs it and pays. And on the other end we have the gelato ice-cream that also has its own mixer.

The entire space is sinuous, white and filled with lively and colorful graphics on the walls that just exude a ton of fun and energy. As for the ceiling, it is the most creative and most favorited. I incorporated skylights in different shapes and directions, along with my version of a suspended modernized 'chandelier' in which I also included different colored LED lighting.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts :)

[Photography by Salim Al-Wardi]