Villa Ronde

Check out this modernistic villa situated on Japan's coast. Designed by Ceil Rouge Creation the annular place of residence is also a private museum and is generated in such a way that allows the natural light to shine through the interiors that also provides you with extensive views.
"The center of the home drops in its topography into a private courtyard, accessible from floor-to-ceiling glass doors and curling staircases from above.  The rear of the home provides a grand view of the ocean below, while an open stone patio becomes a point of entertainment for occupants and guests alike.  The top of the home is nearly covered in foliage, from evergreens to grasses, separated visually from the sweeping white lines that define the home’s structure."
This actually reminds me of one of my previous posts, where the structure was assimilated with its surroundings. However, this one looks rather complex as you cannot really tell how it was built, making it all the more beautiful and most definitely original.

[Images via The Coolist]