Soho Synagogue

I never thought that I would ever write a post about a synagogue but this one is a must see! This space was actually once a Gucci store in Crosby Street and designer Dror Benshetritt managed to transform it into a modish Soho Synagogue. I think the whole strategy of integrating spiritual conventions with trend-setting aesthetics is just brilliant, and what is more tasteful is the fact that most of the elements within the confines of this space are actually re-used materials.

The fabric represents the lines of the Tallit
that the men wear while praying

The colored bricks on the right display the names
of the donors

The brick walls are revealed to emit an industrial

"Dror used seven of the brick floor joist squares
that were revealed to create a menorah fresco"
Love the scallop shaped chairs!

[Images via Inhabitat]