Todd Schliemann's Design For The Standard Hotel

The avant-garde hotel located in New York City consists of 317 guest rooms, a number of restaurants, bars and a gym. It stands on stilts 18 storyes higher than the High Line, which conjure up French architect Le Corbusier's work among other outstanding global buildings.

“The design celebrates the opportunities and challenges of interacting with the High Line, an abandoned, elevated railroad line, which has been developed as a new linear public park. The Standard engages its urban context through contrast, blending unique architectural and structural concepts within a complex and changing urban fabric. Sculptural piers, whose forms clearly separate the building from the orthogonal street grid, raise the building fifty-seven feet off the street, allowing the horizontally-scaled industrial landscape to pass beneath it and natural light to penetrate to the street. "

My favorite part would have to be the interiors of the hotel lobby which was inspired by the early 20th century, whereas the guest rooms are mid-century design influenced. The hotel also presents an incredible outlook of the city's most highly valued places such as The Empire State Building and The Statue of Liberty.

I love.

I love.

Amazing view.