A Collage A Day

Mixed media artist Randel Plowman is my most recent discovery, living and working in Madison, Wisconson, Plowman uses different mediums on paper -which can lead to attaining countless divergent effects, however, the artist forms a rather timeless looking collage which is personally what caught my eye, as the obsolete look is always a plus for me.

β€œIt is often said that we live in a disposable society. When we no longer need or want something we discard it. Things discarded fascinate me. I find beauty, mystery and hidden strengths in the unwanted. It is about taking nothing and turning it into something that intrigues me. Most of the imagery in my work is culled from a wide range of sources. My visual lexicon is composed of diverse images gleaned from old books, maps, dictionaries and other ephemera.”

I have attached my favorites:

18 Roses

Come Alive

Central Standard Time

The Red Line


[Images via A Collage A Day]